Thursday, May 19, 2011

Playground Tour Stop #3: Fort Greene Playground

The third stop on our playground tour is the Fort Greene playground, located at the NW corner of Fort Green Park at Myrtle Ave and St Edwards Plaza. It's a large and unique playground surrounded by trees and of course the lovely Fort Greene park itself. It's a bit of a walk from the trains, but the Dekalb Ave B/D/N/Q/R is a little under half a mile and the Nevins 2/3/4/5 and Fulton St G are not too much further.

The larger part of the playground consists of one giant structure with two levels that really do resemble a "fort". There are steering wheels, ramps, swinging bridges, monkey bars, slides and various climbing structures to play on. The other side of the playground consists of baby swings and a much smaller scale fort structure for the little guys to play on.

Bordering both sides of the playground are stone pillars depicting the official animal of various states. Not only did I learn that New York's state animal is the Badger, but I also learned that I apparently managed to get through all of grade school without ever knowing my own home state of Georgia's official animal - the Right Whale. (I'm still a bit baffled by this one... personally I think North Carolina's Gray Squirrel would have been more fitting).

There are restrooms located between the two playground sides and there is plenty of shady bench seating along the perimeter as well as a few tables. There is also a sprinkler in the middle near the restrooms (although nature provided it's own showers for us on this particular visit). We have only been to this playground on a couple of other occasions so I can not say for certain, but it has never been over-crowded any time that we have been there.

The only things that might be lacking here are a sandbox and big kid swings, however, I don't think those are generally missed by the visitors here. I give Fort Greene playground an A, the "plus" lacking only because of slight inaccessibility.

Since we've had so much rain here this week (it is May and not April, right?) our featured sign this week is "Rain"

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