Sunday, July 17, 2011

Playground Tour Stop #9: Mount Prospect Park Playground

The ninth stop on our playground tour is the Mount Prospect Park playground. Aptly named, the playground is situated at the top the large hill between the library and the Botanic Garden on Eastern Parkway (although it isn't actually in Prospect Park, so perhaps the name is only partially fitting).


If you have a stroller, you'll need to use the entrance closer to the Botanic Garden, as the one closer to the library is only steps. Both walkways are steep, but being up and away from the street is a nice reward once you reach the top.

The playground is surrounded by trees and behind it is an open park/grassy area. There are plenty of benches along the perimeter as well as picnic tables in the center of the playground. Despite the trees along the edges though, most of the equipment is mostly in the sun and it can get quite hot at times.

This playground, like many others, is divided into two sides - one for younger children and one for the older ones. However, both of these structures are a bit more "big kid". There are some shorter steps and slides on the one side but I would by no means call it a "toddler" playground (although many toddlers do fine on it... it's just not as simple/safe as some of the others we have visited). The equipment is all painted metal and a bit on the older side.

Both sides have a series of steps and ramps, slides, bridges and some unique climbing structures. The larger side also has monkey bars, a fireman's pole and a tire swing. There is a set of baby swings along the south perimeter which are a bit more shaded than the rest of the playground. A series of sprinklers separate the two sides, along with the picnic tables.

There are restrooms at the front entrance to the playground.

The children here tend to be a little older and are sometimes a bit more rowdy and unattended than most would prefer. I feel generally safe here with 3 year olds but I can't say that I haven't heard some choice language coming from some of the children at times or what can feel a bit more like loitering than "playing".

I feel like this playground is "alright" but it's not one that I would go out of my way for by any means. If you live in the neighborhood or are at the library or Botanic Garden though, check it out. Personally, we'll come here when it's convenient or just for a change from Underhill, but if you are looking for the "better" playground in the area, Underhill is definitely the way to go.

I'm giving Mount Prospect Park Playground a B- ... what do you think?

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