Monday, August 8, 2011

Playground Tour Stop #12: William Sheridan Playground

For the twelfth stop on our tour we visited the William Sheridan playground on Grand St at Wythe Ave in Williamsburg.We stumbled on this playground when we were walking dogs from the BARC shelter and finally decided to check it out this week.

Typically separated into the two sections for the older/younger crowds, this playground offers a nice variety of attractions for the kiddos. On the west side the larger structure has a spiral slide, curved ladder, bridges, music "switches", a chain ladder, a straight slide and monkey bars. Behind the larger structure are sprinklers with a nice amount of space for running around in.

The east side houses the smaller structure which is mostly just a mini version of the larger one: various ladders, a straight single slide, a bridge and music switches. Additionally, this side has double bar rails for sliding down on your arms, as well as a few steering wheels.

Behind the smaller structure are a few picnic tables and a set of baby swings which are partially shaded by the surrounding trees. The majority of the playground, however, is quite sunny.

Between the two areas there is a restroom house and large open courtyard area.

In addition to the typical playground equipment, William Sheridan playground also has a separate basketball court on the west side.

There is not really anything "bad" about this playground but nothing really sticks out as particularly special or unique either (except for the basketball court). It's definitely convenient to BARC and also to a nice little waterfront park at the end of Grand St... but if we weren't over there to hang with the dogs at the park I don't think we would seek this particular playground out, so, I'm giving it a solid B.

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