Sunday, June 12, 2011

Playground Tour Stop #6: Underwood Park Playground

The sixth stop on our playground tour is a great little playground and park in Clinton Hill. Located at Washington and Lafayette, Underwood Park is right across from the Clinton-Washington stop on the G.

I've been by this playground many times and wanted to check it out but never did until this week... and what a nice treat it turned out to be - especially when the temps were nearing 100 degrees and we were in desperate need of an aquatic respite.

Coming in from the Washington Ave entrance, you are first met with a shady park area with plenty of benches and tables. Directly behind this is a huge, fenced in water oasis (okay maybe not quite an oasis compared to pier 6 - we'll cover that soon - but still pretty cool). It's just an enclosed area with 6 or so sprinklers on the perimeter but there is plenty or room to run, dance, splash and play through the summer months.

On the north side of the water area is a really nice little grassy area that seems perfect for playing ball or perhaps having a little picnic. This area is fenced off too so if there aren't many older children there it might be a nice baby hang out as well.

Down the steps on the south side of the park are two large play areas. The smaller one on the right features a structure that includes two tunnels (with holes to pay peek-a-boo in), colorful spinning blocks, two slides and a steering wheel.

On the other side is a large area with two different structures. These feature double slides, curved climbing ladders, a spiral slide, bridges, ramps, an elevated swinging balance beam, monkey bars, tic tac toe, swinging ladders, a fireman's pole and more. There are also benches along most of the perimeter of this area, which are mostly in the shade. The majority of the playground equipment is mostly in the sun though.

Also, in the rear/southwest side of the playground are swings - both baby and big kid size.

I am really glad that we were finally able to visit this playground and although I'm not sure that it's perfect, I can't think of too much that I would change about it... so I think it may just be our first A +.

This warm weather has been bringing out a variety of lovely butterflies, so "butterfly" is our featured sign this week. It's a really fun one for kids to practice because it is such an active an life-like sign... great for all kind of imaginary play about being a butterfly!

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