Sunday, June 19, 2011

Playground Tour Stop #7: Imagination Playground

The seventh stop on our playground tour is a shady little playground in Prospect Park, not far from the first stop on our tour (Lincoln Playground). The entrance to Imagination playground is just a little further south from Lincoln Road, tucked between the park drive and Ocean Ave.

Imagination playground is just that: a place to inspire imaginary play. You will not find a single slide, ladder or swing here. Instead, you'll find dream-like patterns, cut-outs and play structures that act more like props than anything else. The central structure consists mostly of a large ramp and a twisty "piano bridge" connecting two sides. The structure is not more than a couple of feet off of the ground at the highest point.

In one corner there is a stage-like area, accessible from a few steps in the front or a ramp off to the side. In the opposite corner are upright wooden animal cut-outs where children can pose as various creatures as they poke their heads through the face openings. Nestled in another pocket of the playground is a rock structure with a statue of a child playing with a dog, which is situated in front of a little alcove of benches.

And finally, there is the great dragon fountain. A large bronze structure, water cascades down and around the dragon, which is situated under a supportive beam that the more agile children like to climb atop. This water play area is a great alternative to the typical sprinklers that you find on other playgrounds.

Particularly during the hot summer months, Imagination playground is the perfect place to come cool down in the shade for some water fun and unique creative play. I give it an A.

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